Peacekeepers left more than 6,000 children in Liberia

MONROVIA, Liberia – Basically the most efficient memento Moses Z. Kaine has from his father is a T-shirt, left more than two a protracted time ago when the peacekeeper’s tour of duty completed and he returned home, leaving his pregnant girlfriend within the abet of.

“I became as soon as serene in my mother’s womb when my father ended his duties and left Liberia,” the 21-yr-used told The Associated Press. “My mother says my father wore this T-shirt when he came around to talk over with her. She serene can even be conscious those moments well.”

The parable is as used as warfare itself: Younger folk left within the abet of by the infantrymen who fathered them.

Kaine is amongst more than 6,000 children fathered by infantrymen in a West African peacekeeping mission that came to Liberia in 1990 and left eight years later, in response to a center characteristic up to register and enhance them. A smaller sequence of children were fathered by participants of a separate U.N. mission that emerged as Liberia struggled to emerge from a vicious civil warfare.

Most of the Liberian children, now grown, maintain never met their fathers. Others were abandoned by their moms and grew up as orphans. As they enter adulthood two a protracted time after the peacekeepers’ departure, they’re the focus of most up-to-date attention in an global coming to terms with sexual exploitation and abuse by infantrymen sent to present protection to susceptible communities.

Unlike quite loads of the Liberian children left within the abet of, Kaine says his father regarded out for him, asking if he would possibly presumably perhaps well lift the boy and his mother home to the set up he lived.

“Family stress and fears made my mother remain,” he said pensively.

Even the few critical parts Kaine has about his father are inconclusive: The T-shirt used by his father, Lt. Cpl. Taiwo-Oyetunji, serene clearly bears the seal of the West African regional physique ECOWAS, below whose umbrella the ECOMOG peacekeepers arrived. Or no longer it’s a shirt from Niger, even though his father’s ID says he is of the Yoruba tribe, from Nigeria. Kaine grew to become emotional upon seeing an identification card with him pictured in his uniformed father’s fingers.

The young man currently made his map to a enhance center in Liberia’s capital, Monrovia, that became as soon as characteristic up to lend a hand the 1000’s of children left within the abet of by peacekeepers.

The United Nations-ECOMOG Younger folk Organization, or UNECO, encouraged infantrymen to register themselves and their children. They are saying they registered more than 6,000 children and at closing characteristic up an orphanage on Monrovia’s outskirts.

Most of the West African infantrymen cooperated, whereas others had to be stumbled on to register, said Ciah Cole, who characteristic up the center with her husband, the Rev. Abraham Cole. Peaceable, it became as soon as no longer most likely to register all of them and a ways of the fabric became as soon as lost over time, severing any likelihood for the kids to note their fathers down.

Liberia became as soon as in turmoil for 14 years amid abet-to-abet civil wars that left an estimated 250,000 folk unnecessary and compelled more than half of a million to hover to neighboring international locations. The vital civil warfare, which began in 1989 and grew to become one of Africa’s bloodiest conflicts, resulted in a regional peacekeeping force that at one level reached 15,000 troops. A U.N peacekeeping mission later emerged, simplest to leave Liberia earlier this yr.

While many ladies folk were raped within the route of the stopping, the 1000’s of peacekeepers’ children were largely the product of relationships Liberian girls folk sought out as a safe haven from starvation and hardship. At the time, peacekeepers had some of presumably the most attention-grabbing bag entry to to meals in Monrovia.

“Of us were ravenous. There became as soon as nowhere to turn and girls folk had to learn about heaps of how to live to train the tale,” Cole said.

The relationships went against the code of ethics for every ECOWAS and the U.N., which forbid sexual contact with folk below the peacekeepers’ protection for the reason that most likely for exploitation and abuse became as soon as excessive. Within the early 2000s, the U.N. refugee company reported that peacekeepers and humanitarian personnel in Liberia had demanded sex in change for meals, medicines, safe haven and education.

Enforcing bans on such relationships stays a foremost relate, in response to an Associated Press investigation closing yr that uncovered roughly 2,000 allegations of sexual abuse and exploitation by U.N. peacekeepers in heaps of international locations over a 12-yr length.

In Liberia, the 1000’s of children who resulted from those relationships maintain now been largely absorbed by society. Nearly forty of them serene continue to exist the UNECO center, which is painted within the peacekeepers’ veil colours. Over the years, the center has helped to raise quite loads of the kids with limited monetary enhance.

“When there’s rarely such a thing as a father, no mother, you are handicapped,” said 24-yr-used Nana Addo, who became as soon as positioned within the center by his mother in 1995. He has lost hope of ever seeing his Ghanaian father “but if he is serene alive and I behold him, I would maybe be happy.”

The difficulty is higher than reported, but resources are scarce, said Cole.

“Most of the moms are hiding, refusing to determine themselves because they are saying it’s miles low and disgraceful that those solders had children by them but would possibly presumably perhaps well no longer return to behold what’s happening to the kids they left within the abet of.”

She called on governments that contributed peacekeepers to Liberia to lend a hand the kids, and urged Liberia’s authorities to characteristic an example.

While a miles smaller sequence of the kids were fathered by participants of the U.N. mission that arrived years later, the U.N. says it made outreach efforts so Liberian girls folk would possibly presumably perhaps well register any complaints of sexual exploitation and abuse and safe assistance.

Spokespeople at ECOWAS headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria declined to comment to The Associated Press, asserting they didn’t maintain the crawl within the park obligatory to respond.

Some outdated college ECOWAS infantrymen, however, be conscious relationships with Liberian girls folk well.

Mamadou Dalaba, a outdated college Guinean soldier, said many colleagues impregnated local girls folk and left with out telling them as soon as the warfare became as soon as over.

One other who served in Guinea’s first contingent of infantrymen in 1990 said many men had children with Liberian girlfriends in Monrovia. The lads sorted the kids as lengthy as they would maybe presumably perhaps well ahead of returning home, he said, speaking on condition of anonymity as a result of the sensitivity of the topic.

For the Liberians left within the abet of, those damaged bonds serene wretchedness more than two a protracted time later.

Kaine, the young man who clings to his father’s T-shirt and ID card, says he became as soon as lucky to grow up along with his mother. He wants to become a mechanic but says he had to leave college this semester as a result of shortcoming of enhance. “The nation has become too sophisticated,” he said, shaking his head.

He, too, sent out an appeal to the total peacekeepers who left Liberian children within the abet of to shut abet and enhance them.

“In this present day’s Liberia, reckoning on the authorities to lend a hand folk worship me is worship relying on a damaged stick with face and stroll,” he said.


Petesch reported from Dakar, Senegal. Associated Press author Boubacar Diallo in Conakry, Guinea contributed.


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