Attempting for safety: Bezos mansion-hunting for designate contemporary lifestyles sooner than tabloid storm

The meticulous arrangements had all been made for Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez to tour their capacity dream residence in the Bel-Air part of southern California.

After one after the other slipping into Sanchez’s flatbed truck on the Burbank airport, the gates to the glittering, $88-million residence with rooftop backyard had been to swing open on the categorical 2nd they pulled up, to put away with any likelihood that the Amazon founder and his female friend would perchance also be noticed by paparazzi. That thought used to be marred by a 3-minute prolong on the gate, and Lauren’s brother Michael, who Bezos had tapped to urge the housing search, had to acquire out and region up for it to be opened.

The mission had practically been aborted by the realization that one member of the categorical estate team had failed to signal a non-disclosure agreement, which used to be texted by an executive while they had been in the car (“don’t desire any drama or distractions,” she mentioned). Once within, an agent breached an extensive agreement now not to discuss to the thriller residence-hunters by making an try to shake fingers with them sooner than he used to be whisked away.

Bezos and Lauren Sanchez spent practically an hour touring the three phases, nine bedrooms, 15 baths, residence theater, art studio, wine cellar and spectacular patio with sweeping views of the Los Angeles basin and much-off skyline. They enjoyed a romantic 2nd as they lingered on the circular sauna.


It used to be Dec. 22, and the arena did now not yet know of the romance between Bezos and Sanchez, a television personality, that might explode into public look for with a Nationwide Enquirer expose in early January.

However the fundamental search underscored that this used to be no casual plug. The sphere’s richest man and his female friend had knowledgeable their spouses that they wanted to leave their marriages, they most continuously had been starting to devise a lifestyles collectively. Fully these closest to the couple knew how crucial they had been in regards to the lengthy urge.

Unparalleled of the coverage of Bezos and Sanchez has centered on the lurid aspects, including the steamy texts and naked photos obtained by the supermarket tabloid. There has additionally been a gripping point of curiosity on the influence on Amazon, since Bezos’ wife MacKenzie will seemingly receive a substantial part of his fortune, and perchance on his other designate-title property, the Washington Put up.

All however misplaced in the blur—including Bezos’ tag that the Enquirer used to be engaged in blackmail, vehemently denied by its mother or father firm American Media Inc.—are the dangers the couple took to be collectively.

They had been tempted by the dwelling at 822 Sarbonne Toll road, which Lauren Sanchez had noticed in Forbes magazine. They understanding about hunting for the $10-million property next door, from the identical developer, for a guest residence and elevated safety. However the couple in the kill handed on the acquisition, concluding that the dwelling used to be too colossal, and besides, Bezos didn’t like the raised swimming pool.


The quest persevered by early January, with Michael Sanchez inspecting properties and checking on when Bezos might be on the city and might be part of his sister in taking a clandestine see.

That search incorporated a newly built mansion in the identical neighborhood at 924 Bel-Air Toll road, with 12 bedrooms, 21 toilets, three kitchens, six bars and a false helicopter on the lawn. Its tag impress–$250 million, including $30 million in luxury autos—made it the most costly residence in America. The tour opened with servants carrying meals and Champagne, however the couple handed on it after Michael Sanchez briefed them.

As a shimmering topic, the Seattle-basically basically based entirely CEO wanted a put apart to are residing with Sanchez, who works in L.A., due to Mackenzie Bezos is anticipated to receive the dwelling they maintain in Beverly Hills. However privacy concerns had been even more paramount.

Gavin de Becker, the billionaire’s longtime safety handbook, had knowledgeable Bezos that he couldn’t date, that they couldn’t rating a hotel or restaurant which would perchance be secret ample. Lauren Sanchez used to be fascinated about that warning. A non-public, excessive-safety residence would resolve the mutter.

De Becker declined to assert, however has privately maintained that he by no methodology had this form of dialogue with Bezos, that such recommendation might be ridiculous and his purchasers dine out the entire time.

In any match the couple used to be infrequently noticed in public locations while their relationship wasn’t publicly identified, including first and fundamental of Bezos’ Blue Foundation aerospace firm, for which Lauren’s manufacturing company did some work.

A press representatives Lauren Sanchez declined to assert. An Amazon spokesman additionally had no assert.


Michael Sanchez, a Hollywood skills handler who has been Lauren’s supervisor on and off for years, has been publicly feuding with de Becker.

On Feb. 14, Sanchez wrote to Bezos: “I’ve tried desperately to acquire you and Lauren to wake up…Gavin has brilliantly region you and I up, with the determined purpose of destroying your love for my sister…I do know the truth about your love for Lauren and her love for you…

“Set a request to yourself one request: Why in the hell would I cease anything to injury you and Lauren, two folks I love and I do know are entirely in love?  Money?  Politics?  Energy?  No manner.  Length.”

That email, portions of which were first reported by the Contemporary York Instances, highlights the stage to which the controversy has attach Michael Sanchez on the defensive, and the best seemingly plot his relationship with both Bezos and his sister has been strained.

De Becker has knowledgeable Michael Sanchez that his theory is absurd and he has no hobby in maintaining the couple apart.

Unnamed sources like alleged to about a data retail outlets that Michael Sanchez used to be the person that supplied evidence of the affair to the Enquirer, with Conceitedness Lovely quoting one nameless source as asserting he used to be paid $250,000 for the fabric.


Sanchez has mentioned he by no methodology supplied to the Enquirer, and by no methodology had obtain entry to to, what the tabloid described as “below-the-belt selfies” of Bezos. He has declined to transcend that denial.

“I didn’t dignify any of the counterfeit allegations, and I’m now not going to commence dignifying nameless sources and counterfeit leaks this day,” Michael Sanchez knowledgeable me. “I’m now not going to assert on baseless lies and half of-truths. All the pieces I did since April 20, 2018, the day I met Jeff, has been to present protection to Jeff and Lauren. After I heard rumors that retail outlets had been onto the case, I did everything in my energy to prolong the inevitable scandal.”


In a Feb. 26 “cessation and desist” letter to Bezos in the wake of an unflattering Washington Put up profile, Sanchez wrote: “I’ve by no methodology sold a consumer’s memoir to a tabloid.”

Despite the unheard of media scrutiny, Bezos and Lauren Sanchez remain a couple. After a 30-day separation supposed to let issues frigid off, they like got spent time collectively on bigger than one occasion. However for now, the look forward to a future residence is on rating.